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                  Domino launches Digital Centre of Excellence for Asia-Pacific

                  Source:By Domino Printing Sciences     Date:2021-06-30
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                  Domino Digital Printing Solutions has launched its Digital Centre of Excellence in Bangkok, Thailand, with Harn Engineering Solutions Pcl to drive growth of its digital Printing product range in Asia-Pacific.

                  Domino and Harn have been partners since 1989, when the company started providing sales and service support for Domino’s range of continuous inkjet coding & marking products in Thailand. Today, Harn also provides sales, marketing, service and support for Domino’s digital inkjet printers in Thailand and Vietnam, and is recognised as being the leading provider of digital printing technology for production lines in Thailand, having already gained the trust of leading companies nationwide. This long-standing partnership, Harn’s location and its size – over 250 employees – made Bangkok the natural choice for Domino to locate its Digital Centre of Excellence to support Domino’s digital inkjet growth in the Asia-Pacific market.



                  Mario Fanton, Director Digital Printing for Asia-Pacific at Domino, comments, “Asia-Pacific is a key growth market for digital label Printing, with an increase in the requirement for personalisation and variable data printing and we’re seeing a host of opportunities for Domino in this region. We’re delighted to announce the opening of our Digital Centre of Excellence in partnership with Harn Engineering Solutions, with whom we’ve enjoyed a long and fruitful working relationship. We’re confident that, with its history and culture of strong customer service, Harn will continue to enhance our commercial and technical support for both existing and prospective Digital Printing customers in Thailand and Vietnam.”


                  Thammanoon Tripetchr, Managing Director at Harn Engineering Solutions Pcl, remarks, “Digital inkjet printing is gathering momentum in Asia-Pacific, and we’re convinced that inkjet is the future of the industry. Through the deployment of this technology, we’re certain that our customers will be able to achieve the greater return on investment they’re looking for.”  Read more



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