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                  Integrating more recycled content into packaging

                  Source:Ringier Events     Date:2021-06-15
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                  The market demand for more sustainable packaging is here to stay. To deliver on this demand, producers must adopt manufacturing processes that enable the reduced use of virgin resin and increased percentages of recycled material into their packages.


                  With many industry-leading brands already taking the lead, how do you ensure you don’t get left behind, while also avoiding the risks of running more recycled material?


                  These concerns are the focus of Husky in a webinar on “Risks and Solutions - How to Successfully Integrate More Recycled Content into Your Packaging” scheduled on 14 July 2021, 2:30pm-3:30pm (Singapore time).



                  The webinar aims to inform brand owners, food and beverage producers and preform converters with the latest production system, tooling and auxiliaries to enable them to make the successful move to utilising rPET material.  Attendees will be able to learn the: 


                  ? Global trends driving increased adoption of sustainable packaging

                  ? Common risks to avoid when running recycled material

                  ? Tips on how to modify processes to run more recycled material

                  ? Why a holistic solution is the most effective approach


                  Husky’s PET preform injection moulding solutions deliver the industry’s lowest total production costs for the widest range of preforms and production volumes—whether you require high productivity or the flexibility to produce multiple packages. All components of Husky’s solutions are designed to work together as a fully integrated and optimised system. This delivers the most stable process and reliable operation, resulting in the fastest cycle times and leading preform quality. When it comes to making the move to rPET, Husky’s integrated solutions, including system, tooling, auxiliaries and services, are purpose-built to enable you to integrate more recycled content into your packaging.


                  Register now at: https://ringierevents.clickmeeting.com/326825732/register


                  About the Speaker

                  speaker web.jpg

                  Mr. Pedro Oliveira holds the position of Business Manager PET Systems for Husky Injection Molding Systems. Mr. Oliveira joined Husky in 2007 and since that time has held a variety of positions throughout the organisation in the areas of sales support, factory planning and business development. He holds a degree of Materials Engineering from Universidade do Porto Portugal.


                  Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd. a leading industrial technology supplier to the plastics processing community. The company designs, manufactures and integrates the industry’s most comprehensive range of injection moulding equipment, including machines, moulds, hot runners, auxiliaries and integrated systems. Its value‐added services include preform development, part design, factory planning, customer training, systems integration and complete asset management.


                  Customers use Husky equipment and services to produce a wide range of products for the beverage packaging, closures, medical, thin-wall packaging, automotive and consumer electronics markets. With more than 40 service and sales offices and employing approximately 4,200 people worldwide, Husky supports customers in over 100 countries. Its main manufacturing facilities are located in Canada, the United States, Luxembourg, Switzerland, China, India and the Czech Republic.



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