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                  【DELAY】Malaysia International Plastic, Mould & Tools Exhibition (M’SIA-PLAS)

                  Start date:2021-07-15

                  Organizer: ES International Event Management Sdn Bhd

                  Fax: +603-91331920

                  email: info@malaysiaplas.com.my

                  End date:2021-07-18


                  Tel: +603-91321922

                  Website: www.malaysiaplas.com.my

                  Trade Show profile

                  Malaysia International Plastic, Mould & Tools Exhibition (M’SIA-PLAS)

                  Exhibition Content

                  The 31st MALAYSIA INTERNATIONAL MACHINERY FAIR (MIMF 2021) is proudly presented by ES International Event Management Sdn Bhd to industry players for the 31st time. The event is expected to attract more than 12,000 local and international trade visitors and industry players. MIMF 2021 has been growing its outstanding reputation since 1998 as Malaysia’s leading event for the packaging, food processing, bakery equipment, plastic, mould & tools as well as LED-Lighting and LED-signage industries. With the support from industry players, MIMF 2021 will continue to grow bigger and better every time.

                  News year: 2021     2020     2019

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