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                  Welcome To Industrysourcing
                  KAMIOKA CORPORATION (Machining Center/Turning Center/Surface Grinder,)

                  Basic Information

                  Company Name:KAMIOKA CORPORATION (Machining Center/Turning Center/Surface Grinder,)

                  Business Model:

                  Area: No.119, Sec.5, Changping Rd., Shengang Dist., Taichung City 429, Taiwan
                  Main Products:

                  Contact Us

                  Contact Person:Mr. Wenhong Huang

                  Tel:886-4-2562 6192


                  • Description
                  • Service
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                  • KAMIOKA is a family-run and well-experienced machinery manufacturer, which was famed for a
                    repairer of motorcycle and machine shop called Yongfa since 1965. In the middle stages,
                    KAMIOKA started to supply components to many machine makers including woodworking and
                    metalworking machines. Through the development in the past decades, the company has been

                    accumulating numerous experiences on mechanical engineering and machining application.

                    In the late 90s, KAMIOKA introduced high-end CNC production equipment from Japan for
                    advanced quality standard and consistency. In the meanwhile, the company devoted to the
                    development of computer numerical control machine tools such as CNC machining centers, CNC
                    lathes and precision grinders. With its excellent performance and good reputation from market in
                    many years, KAMIOKA machines have been approved by many precision-work enterprises like

                    job shops, mold industries, musical instrument manufacturers and linear-way manufacturers.

                    It is a strong point to KAMIOKA because of its owned engineering team and the full range of
                    production facilities. All machines are mostly made in house including design, processing,
                    machining and assembly. With abundant machining experience, moreover, the company deeply
                    understands users needs that help its machinery design could meet industry requirements. Not
                    only offering great design product, the quality consistency is another strong point of KAMIOKA
                    machines because every machine has to pass the strict inspection and real-cutting examination
                    before shipment. Every kind of machines is limited availability based on its annual planning

                    production to ensure the best quality control.

                    To satisfy latest market demands, the company keeps on developing for more product details and
                    service requirements. With the genuine craftsmanship spirit and continuous progress for over 40

                    years, KAMIOKA is your most reliable friend in metalworking!

                    welcome to our website : http://kamioka.com.tw/product.php

                    watch Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWvGHt-6RlSOO3GJDMtdmIg


                    Major Business Metalworking Main Products
                    Email Company Website http://kamioka.com.tw/
                    Fax Company Address No.119, Sec.5, Changping Rd., Shengang Dist., Taichung City 429, Taiwan

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