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                  Welcome To Industrysourcing
                  Kim Union Industrial Co.,Ltd.

                  Basic Information

                  Company Name:Kim Union Industrial Co.,Ltd.

                  Business Model:Privately owned

                  Area: No. 118, Fengli Rd., Tantzu, Taichung, Taiwan 427
                  Main Products: Grinding machines

                  Contact Us

                  Contact Person:Jessie Yu



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                  • Welcom To Taiwan Thread rolling machines Manufacturer

                    Kim Union Industrial Co., Ltd. the professional manufacturer of Thread Rolling Machine, hydraulic thread rolling machines, cam thread rolling machines, Gear serrationing rolling machine, thread rolling dies, serration/knurling rolling die.

                    KIM UNION was found in 1972. For more then 30 years working experience in field, a vast experience of thread rolling machines and thread rolling dies, our products has proven to be precise, practical, durable, and excellent in design and solid in structure with excellent outlook. Our goal is to provide the better quality with lower price to our customer. We arrange our production lines - thread rolling machine and thread rolling die into batch production, and has won unanimous adoption and honors from the customers for both local market and abroad.


                    Major Business Metalworking Main Products Grinding machines
                    Email kimunion@kimunion.com Company Website http://www.kimunion.com
                    Fax Company Address No. 118, Fengli Rd., Tantzu, Taichung, Taiwan 427

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